»Men are wise in proportion, not to their experience, but to their capacity for experience
(G. B. Shaw)

Leadership Development

Executives work in a highly complex environment with a multitude of challenges. Leadership development focuses on the specific demands of this target group. This involves harnessing useful concepts and tools that can be applied to everyday management. In addition, various personal characteristics associated with the executive are highlighted, explored and developed. The goal is to develop a highly effective leadership skillset.


Coaching is the most customized of approaches to achieving personal or business goals. In this process challenging questions are posed to identify thought and behavioral patterns and to detect any potential blind spots. The coachee receives immediate feedback and solution-oriented input to expand on their options. Various techniques are used to support the change processes, to instill this knowledge and to translate it into effective action.


General leadership skills are explored within our training sessions. Participants can brain storm ideas and then put these into practice within a set framework. In addition to the methodological input, structured exchanges with other executives and feedback as to the way they come across to others play an important role. Training sessions are designed as preparation for the effective transfer to daily leadership routine.


Our consulting focuses on the interaction between a leader and their team. The focus lies on aligning the entire organizational remit through the development and implementation of vision, strategy and structure. To achieve this, establishing a change-architecture is crucial not to mention ensuring the targeted involvement of those concerned.