Volkswagen • Automotive
Leadership Development Programs. Partly global. All Management Levels

DP DHL • Logistics
Global Executive Coaching. Program Coaching. Senior Management
(in collaboration with Pivot leadership – a Korn Ferry Company)

Bayer • Life-Science
International Leadership Development Program. Executive Coaching. Middle Management

PriceWaterhouseCoopers • Professional Services Network
Tutor in the „My Way“ Programme (EMEA)

Porsche • Automotive
Executive Coaching, Team Development

Allianz • Insurance
Executive Coaching. Program Coaching. Middle Management

Wacker Chemie • Chemical
Presentation Skills. Employees and First Line Managers
(in collaboration with C-to:be – The Coaching Company)

Merck Serono • Pharmaceutical
Team Development. Workshops
(in collaboration with C-to:be – The Coaching Company)

Marsh • Insurance
Executive Coaching. First Line and Middle Management

Roche • Pharmaceutical
Feedback Coaching. Partly international. Middle Managment
(in collaboration with Center for Creative Leadership)

Altana • Chemical
Executive Coaching. Senior Management

XL Insurance • Insurance
Team Development Branch Germany. Large group event

Goll Consulting • Divers Industries


»I went to Dr. Schmöller for transition coaching to a new position and was impressed by her highly professional approach. She proved to be very flexible in terms of content and methodology and tackled individual topics that would be most relevant for my functional move. Using a great variety of techniques personalized to me, Ms. Schmöller covered potential problem areas as well as learning development topics. Leveraging her outstanding experience, she always kept the change process as such in sight, and we examined it together from different angles. In fact, exploring my situation from different perspectives is one of the things I found the most valuable about working with Dr. Schmöller.«
Dr. Tobias Nau, Middle Management, Allianz

»As my coach, Dr. Schmöller was able to perfectly support my professional and personal development. By means of her holistic approach and her incredible powers of observation, she is able to quickly put herself in your shoes. She asks exactly the kind of questions that trigger reflection and reevaluation. Despite her theoretical background, Dr. Schmöller doesn’t come to a session with a fixed idea regarding its outcome. And yet at the end you can be sure to leave with a clear strategy for addressing a specific issue.«
Dr. Janina Schüller, Operating Officer, ProSiebenSat.1 TV Deutschland GmbH

»For me personally, the coaching I received from Dr. Schmöller was not only helpful it was incredibly stimulating. Mrs Schmöller was able to use her personal, open and professional approach to create an atmosphere that allowed me to recognize my own value system and reflect on it. The combination of professional support with a personal touch resulted in, what I would call, a successful full package.«
Frank Wagner, Managing Director, BYK-Gardener GmbH, Member of the Altana Group

»I’ve known Petra Schmöller for over 3 years. We first got to know one another when she was facilitating a company development course for senior managers. Through her keen observation skills, Petra reflected my behaviour within and beyond the group sessions which proved to be eye opening and helpful. During our face-to-face and remote coaching sessions afterwards, Petra is very professional and focused. The sessions are always meaningful, relevant and targeted. Petra has been instrumental in helping my personal and career development, supporting my journey towards becoming a well-rounded leader. Today, I am the Global CIO of a Fortune 500 company and I am glad Petra has been a part of that.«
Markus Voss, CIO, DHL Supply Chain

»The collaboration with Mrs Schmöller was very pleasant and valuable. The coaching is extremely efficient and delivers the desired results quickly. Her wealth of experience paired with a remarkable business instinct allowed her to quickly grasp complex issues, always asking the right and effective questions and steering towards an open outcome but at the same time targeting possible solution scenarios.«
Thorsten Liebert, CEO Global Automotive Greater China, Allianz Worldwide Partners Regional Coordinator Greater China

»In the area of management development at Volkswagen we know Dr. Schmöller to be a competent, versatile and experienced partner with a high commitment to quality. Whether at work with job candidates or senior management, it’s her pleasant yet clear style that we particularly value. In seminars, the ability she has to create a productive and respectful atmosphere within a group is as important as the individual learning process of each participant.«
Rüdiger Freiwald & Iris Dinkloh, Management Programs and Coaching, Volkswagen Group Academy


I work closely with the following partners depending on the subject and nature of an assignment:
Goll Consulting
Member of Duke CE’s Global Learning Resource Network
C-to:be – The Coaching Company
Annette Thum