Change processes are participatory in nature and involve several stages. Such processes demand careful consideration of the hierarchy in place and the need for timeliness. The task is multi-layered, since different perspectives and levels of hierarchy must be consulted. It includes status assessment, process work and application to the company. My consulting work is characterized by a combination of methods from organizational development to training and coaching and can be designed and carried out in single workshops or during medium to longer term change projects.

You are perhaps looking to ...

… find yourself within your new team and focus on the future.
… arrange a kick-off workshop after taking on a new division.
… communicate a vision and bring it to life.
… create and implement well-conceived strategies.
… develop a more productive way of collaboration.
… manage conflicts and friction specific to your area of work.
… establish or strengthen a strong culture in your organisation.
… identify and change prevailing patterns.