Provide clarity. Develop. Find your own way

At this point I would like to add a few “personal” thoughts. “Men are wise in proportion, not to their experience, but to their capacity for experience “. I am quoting from G.B. Shaw the Nobel Prize winner for Literature, who over the course of his life, skillfully managed to combine numerous journeys and experiences.

It is extremely fulfilling for me to accompany my clients on their journey of discovery and to make my tools available to allow them to be resourceful and implement new strategies successfully. My work is based on a holistic approach. It is influenced by my PhD in Business Administration, my own leadership experience and through intensive training in psychological methods (see profile), which are particularly useful in the context of leadership roles. My instinct for systemic relationships combined with enthusiasm enables me to find new avenues and to achieve considered and effective results in complex situations. Being in leadership demands a diverse and dynamically changing set of skills that require constant nurture, this is why I chose leaders as a target group. The very nature of their role requires continuous personal development and the effects are felt throughout the whole company.

I work with my clients in a solution-focused, process-driven manner, which assumes their personal accountability. This ensures that the solutions found are actually the client’s own solutions, authentic and crisis-resistant. The aim is not to change a personality, but to enhance it so gaining fresh perspective and an inventory of options. Great emphasis is placed on transferring these skills to everyday life. At your side, you will find me to possess a healthy mixture of empathy and tenacity. I’ll accompany you as a partner and support you on your entire journey and – should obstacles arise – help you to overcome these or even exploit them. What is more this journey should also be fun!

You want to get a sense of who I am and what I am passionate about? Then the following short video might give you an idea (sorry, currently only available in German):


Here I would like to mention some inspirational sources, which supplement general executive leadership literature. Predominantly they give extremely good and immediately transferrable ideas on the subject of leadership. I would like to share these suggestions with you. Enjoy!